GreenHome Energy Audits, LLC

Health, Safety, Comfort, & Savings

  • Are there portions of your home that are difficult to heat or cool?
  • Do you want to save money on heating and electric bills?
  • Would you like to improve the indoor air quality of you home?
  • Does your home have moisture, mold, or mildew problems?
  • Should you replace your furnace? Windows? Insulation? A/C?

NOW is the time for a comprehensive energy audit on your home, rental, or building with GreenHome Energy Audits!   We take the guesswork out of energy efficiency  & weatherization improvements and provide homeowners with a diagnostic whole-house inspection and detailed yet easy to understand report on their home’s performance.  Also included are prioritized recommendations for improvements complete with cost/savings calculations.

Please call us today to discuss your home or building and see why a GreenHome Energy Audit is a smart choice for you and your family!